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Children's Mental Health

Creating Safer Schools and Communities - This series offers five newly revised guidebooks for key components of creating safe, positive schools. They feature a combination of fresh research, best practices, and planning tools to help educators and administrators make effective decisions and create successful programming.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: An Evaluation Toolkit -- This web-based resource combines a brief review of the literature and current research addressing the effectiveness of early childhood mental health consultation with guidance for designing and implementing program evaluation. It will help states, communities, and programs increase their capacity for high-quality evaluation of early childhood mental health consultation in community-based settings.

Eliminating Barriers for Learning Toolkit -- School materials for a mental health friendly classroom.

Providing Quality Youth Mentoring in Schools and Communities - This series provides school staff and youth development professionals with a comprehensive set of tools to plan and implement a safe and supportive youth mentoring program. These resources are based on the latest research into mentoring best practices and will improve both program design and the mentoring relationships formed between adult volunteers and young people in need.

Youth Voice Toolbox -- The Freechild Project is proud to provide a new online resource called the Youth Voice Toolbox. Comprised of a series of one- and two-sheet publications, these tools identify a number of innovative practices, practical considerations and critical concepts that are focused on engaging Youth Voice, particularly among historically disengaged young people.

Disaster Relief

Crisis Communication Guide and Toolkit -- Save precious time in the midst of a crisis - review, customize, and study the resources provided in this crisis kit today to avoid having to do so in the midst of a crisis. The importance of advance thinking and preparation cannot be emphasized enough. The relatively short amount of time it will take to seriously consider the five points that follow will pay big dividends in the event of a crisis.


Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention A Toolkit for Implementing Smoke-Free Laws -- The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in partnership with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, has created, a free online resource to help states and communities implement smoke-free laws.

Tackling Meth Toolkit -- The Tackling Meth toolkit provides community coalitions, business leaders, faith-based organizations, parent groups, schools, law enforcement, health care professionals, civic groups and other community leaders with proven and effective prevention practices, and techniques for neighborhood involvement and community action. It also offers assistance to families dealing with drug addiction and a link to resources. It is, in short, one-stop shopping for those involved in the fight against meth, and can make all the difference as you mobilize your community.

Community Coalition Toolkit -- The problems parents face in coping with a child's substance abuse can affect them where they spend the most time: at work. Building on the important role parents play in preventing youth substance abuse, the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign developed the @Work Program to help employers bring information about this issue to working parents.

State and Federal

New Toolkit Explains the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act -- The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy interests of students. It affords parents the right to access and amend their children’s education records, and gives them some control over the disclosure of information in these records. FERPA does allow the disclosure of student data without parental consent under certain, specified conditions. The National Forum on Education Statistics has recently developed a guide to help school and local education agency staff to better understand and apply FERPA.

Seven Public Programs - One Simple Screening Toolkit by the Children's Defense Fund and the UofM's Children, Youth and Family Consortium -- Introducing a simple web-based screening tool that helps determine potential eligibility for a variety of Minnesota public programs including health care coverage, child care, school meals and tax credits


OJJDP Tool Kit for Creating Your Own Truancy Reduction Program -- Communities are always searching for early signs of a child's decision that school isn't worthwhile. Poor school attendance is one such marker that a young person may be headed for trouble. It is an indicator of a disposition to give up that is both reversible and preventable. Children who skip school are telling their parents, teachers, and principals that it is time to take action to keep them on track. This tool kit is designed to be a resource for doing just that.



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